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Gen. IV

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Gen. III

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Gen. I


  • You Can Always Come Back to the Farm
    • Bernard Siehling's autobiography
  • Growing Up in WWII
    • Notes and painful memories from growing up in Germany during World War II. Interested readers are welcome to find out what a 8 - 14 year old remembers of those events as he recalls growing up. Requests for additional details are welcome. Please contact Bernie at rokvalley [at] comcast.net.
  • Cotton Pickin Pioneer
    • An account of a World War II pilot, Paul Kahl. Bernie Siehling has been in contact with Paul for years, the only one of the 10 men crew aboard the B-17 aircraft. Lt. Paul Kahl in NWS Austrailia celebrated his 95th birthday Aug 19, 2013. Paul and Bernie have reminisced about the belly landing in 1943, which occurred not far from the Siehling farm. Paul sent Bernie his biography, and this is the excerpt dealing with his World War II experience. Paul's full biography is now securely attached to his B-17's last propeller, which is on display in the Village Museum.
  • One Killed, Two Hurt on Crossing
    • A Grand Rapids newspaper article of the automobile crash that killed Bernard Siehling in 1930.
  • History of a Propeller
    • The history of a B-17 bomber from factory #42-5789 and of one of the propellers that is displayed in the Museum at the Castle in the Raesfeld exhibitions "WWII 1939-1945".
  • Hier Ein Ueberblick
    • Siehling Family Overview as of August 21, 2014 by Opa.
    • For access, send request to:
      •  johnATsiehling.com (replacing AT with @)
  • Short Stories by Bernard Siehling
  • Local Uses German Heritage to Share Culture and Language
  • A "Multi-Shock" Weekend
    • Bernard's arrival to the United States and Grand Rapids, MI.


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